My Infograph are talks about the “5 activities that students are doing when they are free time at S.P.C also this is one of my experienced in vacant time . My number one list is primarily used of cell phone . Because it is the everyday student use when it comes to communicating with their friends or family, research assignments or play mobile legends .But anything too much is bad ,it should be limit yourself on using mobile cellphone on class hours to respect your teacher as well. Secondly, watching movie that makes students happy especially when the movie is in latest and that time your classmate willing to lend his laptop. Thirdly, reading wattpad or ebook most of readers are women. It is stories that you always look forward written by a great author, It would be enhances you to read and to write. Fourth on my list is dancing with your classmates I have classmate who can dance and they are always teach us another moves, so who also want to learn the steps are welcome for this group.Through these students who are very shy are actively participate in fun activities.Lastly, reviewing the test mostly students often read .Because they study on their home so they can do the fun activities they like.

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