One of my favorite things to do when I’m not doing anything  is to make a story from my imagination not  just to be entertaining myself but to satisfy my readers. When I see their comments, it gives me a better view  to continue writing so until now I’m still writing .Through these I enhance my creativity and productivity in work also I met new friends who support me always and cheer me up. The content of my stories are always love story ,because love is  stronger with the so much love of your family and friends .If you find another genre that fits your personality so this is for you writing about humor, mystery or horror .They have many good story to choose so it is also suitable for young age like you . You didn’t know most stories of great writers are printed in popular publications or even adaptation to television.So If you are planning to become a writer it might be the starting point of your dream to write in wattpad and be the next popular writer.

CREDITED TO :@marys-artwork

I was at an early age that time I began to draw people just like sticks ,until I started to make a story on my old notebook that it contained only illustrations. This is the first time when I start of  improving my skills, when my teachers  praise me and saying I have  potential to draw so I continue to do the masterpiece. On my birthday my father gave me a sketchbook that was a great gift I received, that day I saw a beautiful place I just drawn it and thinking that was a good thing that I did. Because of my drawing my creativity and self-confidence are developing up. Always remember It’s not too late to learn ,you need to do is just practice and watch tutorial everyday .If you are already good in drawing you can try to draw on online comics to earn money and also share your talent to others.

When it’s my first time to made a recycled material I remember it is made of  broken cellphone wire and was not used nail polish .First thing that I did was sewing wire to form spiral and in the last part I put a white nail polish. This is not just to make me happy but I help to save mother nature by using recycble materials .Then grade 9, I made a newspaper bag that the handle was made of  belt that was not also used, so my teacher appreciate it so much , so she use it to decorate the guidance office .Lastly, I made a wallet using the magazine .Everytime I made those materials I’m very excited. Because of recycling other materials  we can reduce the garbage on our area that we can also especially use in our daily lives so the children can do it in their homes as long as their parents guide them. These items can be a great benefit if you just use them wisely and use your being artistic to make a creative work.

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